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The US government (State) handing out pallets of money to companies that don't need it. It has to be kept in mind that if they do actually wind up hiring 4,000 people, those people will need a place to live driving the local price of housing through the roof. The city will need to construct roads to handle the added traffic, waste water plants to take care of the ... well, you know, more police, fire and emergency medical service, etc, ad nauseam. The'll need more schools, parks and city services. It's not cheap to add the needed services to a city rapidly when a large company rolls into town. It's expensive to bail the city out when they can't make the bond payments or retirement contributions for all of the government employees when the company doesn't meet its promises or when those requirements expire long before the added infrastructure is paid for.

Hmm, only 700 miles from their prime customer's facility in Austin, TX. Yeah, that's efficient, not. Unless, of course, the cells will be sent to Sparks, NV to be incorporated into battery packs. That's only 1,600 miles away and then a total of 3,300 miles if the pack is sent to Texas.

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