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I think you are missing a very obvious, very common use-case.

2FA is everywhere now. With two-factor authentication, you need to enter a numeric login code from a text message or a separate Authenticator app (I have both Google and Microsoft ones myself, unfortunately for me).

These codes are generally purely numeric. So I need to hold a device in one hand and enter the code with another. Numeric keypads are _perfect_ for this and I have to enter such codes multiple times a day. Phone in dominant hand (for me, my left) and tap in the code with my right hand.

It's quicker and easier and simpler than finding somewhere to prop the phone where I can read it and then enter the code.

It's much quicker to enter the code on the keypad than using the numbers row.

If you look at the numbers these apps produce, the patterns in them make me suspect that they are specifically intended for keypad entry. Groupings like 141 252 are common and seem intentional to me, but I have no evidence for that.

Also sometimes I must use Czech keyboards because of living there. The Czech keyboard doesn't *HAVE* a numbers row: it's given over to the extra Czech letters, such as č, š, ř, ě, etc. So you must use Shift for numbers, making it even more inconvenient.

Remember Chesterton's Fence:

Just because *you* do not see a need for something doesn't mean that there isn't a need for it.

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