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Is there anything out there under, say, £500?

Probably looking for a laptop in a couple of months. It will not be required to do Blender or Photoshop or video editing, but it will need to run office apps and be sufficiently sprightly with a web browser so that online Office isn't tedious. I'd love to support one of the niche vendors, particularly if that means getting a machine where I can upgrade the RAM and the SSD easily, and where the battery is easy to swap out, but I'm afraid £1,000 is a bit much and a Ryzen 7 is probably overkill.

On a related subject, what's happened to all the "good enough" cheap processors (particularly AMD ones) under £100 with graphics? It isn't so long ago that I was putting together budget desktop machines suitable for general use and light gaming for under £300 all-in. A large part of that was being able to buy the processor with inbuilt graphics together with a motherboard for not much more than £100. These days, very few processors seem to have onboard graphics (and they are Celerons with UHD) and the graphics card alone is likely to cost £100+ - though at least it's possible to find one in stock now!


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