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Accenture bags IT services contract for UK tax collector

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Accenture / Arthur Anderson are just plain crap

Freelanced with them on the NI system back in the days of the DHSS at Blackpool

Grads charged at £1k per day (1988 money) their training consisted of 6 weeks and they charged the DHSS to use a stupid pseudo code system they had written themselves.

I was hauled before the line manager because I pointed out that it was impossible to do the calculation for a benefit when one field was a percentage and the other field was a character.

What is 10% of "yes" or "no" or "declined" !!!

They were £2bn over budget when I joined and it was still going 2 years later when I finally quit.

No heads rolled, unbelievable.

Their dress code manual was truly astounding.

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