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To fight TSMC and Samsung, Intel hires execs from foundry rivals

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But but but I thought ASIA stole all the US Technology

Intel is stealing Asian talent. The irony only gets more ironic when one examines the Intel idea... So let me say it in a different way. "What fabless chip designer is going to send their chip designs to Intel for fab?" NOBODY... that's who. INTEL is not the back door to the NSA, It's the front door.

Is China going to buy US-made FAB chips? Nobody in Asia will buy them for the simple fear of the US imposing sanctions on US FAB made chips even if they don't own the design. That is way too much risk for any producer of consumer electronics. Is INTEL really this dumb? Yes, that is how they missed the handheld market entirely. AMD is even blowing them away in the X-86 market.

Intel is so hungry for some US Gov Dollars from Joe Biden, it has ceased to make sense, just as the Biden Bucks really don't make sense but will be used mostly for buybacks. Intel is a company with $80 Billion in buybacks with nothing to show for any of it.

Intel's mantra... Buy Murican, Hire Asians, get money from Politicians.... build back better buybacks.

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