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Indeed virtually all of the summer and placement students we get say this.

They have no idea what they want their AI or ML to achieve, but they all want to do it.

They are somewhat disappointed when we say that we don’t do this AI thing as it doesn’t really provide us any benefit; there seems to be this belief that every problem and every business needs AI mumble.

But generally at the end of their 3 / 6 / 12 months they have learned a load of stuff that universities don’t teach. Like how to work in a team, what source code control, automated testing and release management means, why stuff doesn’t get pushed to production immediately, why we have several environments and so on … real world stuff.

It shows them things they never imagined and that they would never learn at university.

And that there are loads more things that are just as interesting as they believe their AI to be …

Generally they are much better for it.

But arguably that’s what placements should do and if we help somebody on their way then that’s a job well done.

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