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More and more CS students are interested in AI – and there aren't enough lecturers

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more CS students are interested in AI

But I wonder whether they're getting sufficient grounding in the first principles of computer science that will enable them to go on to creating robust, secure systems by learning to think in a flexible way about the subject. There's an increasing tendency in computer science education over the last few decades to gloss over the common groundwork in favour of concentrating on the current flavour of the month. This inevitably leads to scrappy understanding bolstered by assumptions, leaving problems imperfectly solved. We only have to examine the ease with which computer vision systems can be fooled to recognise this - and ask the question whether there might be an alternative way to automatically analyse images that is less easily fooled. Instead of which we have anchored ourselves firmly to one basic approach (that is fragile) and spend huge efforts tweaking it to 'improve' what may be fundamentally flawed.

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