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Will cloud giants really drive colos off a financial cliff?

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Friend or Foe, Frenemy and Saviour for Every Cloud has a Silver Lining ... so they say?

It is wise to consider and expect Clouds to be used by those who and/or that which is able, as if a Trojan horse ..... with one completely unaware of the surprises inside them fully prepared and capable of laying waste to all that they perceive and witness with the fielding and wielding of the Tropes of CHAOS ..... Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems ...... which would certainly be uncommon and even quite alien to many more than just an elitist chosen few.

Although one does have to concede, the creation and pimping/pumping and dumping/administration of conflict and chaos, appears to be a present day default current drivering executive office managements beyond the brinks of exhaustion and towards events verging on the edge of madness which invite extinction ...... so possibly nothing really new, although whenever in different command and control hands/hearts and minds, something quite different to beware and be aware of, and to be worried and probably also rightly terrified of and petrified by, given what can be so very easily done nowadays with practically nothing to show and share about from where or how such things are so simply done. ..... and who or what would be doing them and to what ultimate vested interest end.

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