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Is it true that it uses proprietary bits?

ISTR from a different story about these little beasties that it used a proprietary thingamajig to connect something & the folks commenting were worried that the company would either fail to offer that connector in the future, no 3rd party vendors would offer the connector, or that replacement parts would be difficult/impossible to find. If that's true, I'd avoid this machine like the plague. I've been burned before by vendors using such bits & then turning around to no longer support their own damned product.

If it is NOT true & it's all COTS hardware, then I could envision getting one to yank the drive, replace it with a similar/larger capacity one, & installing a decent OS on it instead. (If it ever got screwed, I could put the untouched original back in place & get the company to fix it under warranty.)

A nice new shiny computer sounds great, but not if I have to take Win10/11 infesting it.

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