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DARPA study challenges assumptions about distributed ledger (and Bitcoin) security

Claptrap314 Silver badge

What exactly is new here?

And by "new", I mean, "Not already discussed on the cyperpunks mailing list in the '90s?" Certainly, we did not call the pools by that name. But the concepts were all there.

The fact that this "report", or whatever they are styling it, doesn't even mention the 40% attack on Bitcoin means either someone needed to get something published, or that this paper is an attack on crypto. (This is coming from the US govt, of course.)

I was a cypto-skeptic in the '90s. I've never attempted to create an account. I've publically called BTC & friends "beenie babies" & "tulips" & worse. But this "report" contains less value than an airdrop in Somalia.

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