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Snaps are not just apps installed under their own directory such as /opt/myapp/v1.2.3/ (which I have no problem with).

Snaps are semi-containers. They run in their own namespaces which restrict them from accessing other applications.

This might be fine for straightforward user applications like a web browser, but in more complex scenarios it breaks down in unexpected ways.

Case in point: lxd is now only supplied as a snap. lxd can use zfs for its storage. However, because the snap is constrained to mounting and unmounting within its own namespace, then when zfs breaks, it becomes extremely difficult to fix (the snap thinks that the zfs dataset is mounted when it isn't, or vice versa). Poking around with nsenter may or may not help; a reboot may be required.

In the end, snap treats all packaged software as an adversary which needs to be sandboxed. Does this make sense for end-user apps? Maybe. For system tools? Not so much.

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