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I think the points are:

* to make everything easy, because even the people building embedded systems are not gurus;

* to make the OS robust, resilient, and safe;

* to make it amenable to automation;

* to minimize the amount of extra work that the integrator needs to do.

In the classic xNix model, apps sort of merge into the OS. Some bits go in /usr/bin and some bits in /usr/lib and some elsewhere and they become another command. This is even worse than the Windows model, where most of the app is in /Program Files/%AppsOwnFolder% but some bits are under /WINDOWS somewhere.

The idea of making apps self-contained so they don't touch the core OS has been demonstrated now. NeXT did it first, Mac OS X polished it and took it mainstream, iOS and Android put it in billions of people's pockets.

It doesn't matter if it's inelegant or inefficient. It works.

The basic model of an immutable OS and self-contained additional apps is demonstrated now. Counting all the replaced phones, there are tens of billions sold, and not a single big failure yet.

Ubuntu is trying to bring that to all those billions of little self-contained boxes driving your TV and fridge and microwave.

Someone has to build 'em.

And this is not an area where Red Hat or SUSE are strong.

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