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World Economic Forum wants a global map of online crime

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The biggest criminal gang in the world is WEF. ..... elsergiovolader

And if they be responsible for the present rapidly expanding mess as detailed in this news ....... the last thing they need to be doing is seeking to make enemies of smarter souls bearing geek gifts rather than engaging with them to try and save themselves from baying mobs’ righteous attentions which will not be bothering to observe any outrageous conventions concerning the treatment of prisoners, for there will be none to have any concerns over such be the understandable outrage.

Are WEFcukers smart enough to realise that AI lifeline and take it before it is withdrawn and disappears forever for them. To date all the evidence is proving them not to be so. And if that be their choice, well so be it. Goodnight and Goodbye and Thanks for all the Phish.

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