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Usually if the language is flowery, overblown or what-have-you then its due to a statement being made in their language that's deliberately translated to make it sound silly. It relies on most of us not knowing the language or having access to original sources. However, if you live somewhere which has got a significant number of immigrants then there's also likely to be people you know or work with who can actually read the original material. They may not be passionate supporters of whoever is making the statement but they can render what is being said into real English. (The result doesn't sound that much different from the kinds of things our own lawmakers are prone to say.)

As for malware, we're constantly told that such and such an attack is used by 'state sponsored' attackers with the 'state' being one of the usual suspects. Experience has shown that all too often the attack is criminal in nature and often comes from unlikely places like Southampton. The governments don't as a rule grace us with denials because its beneath them (and anyway if they're up to no good then they're hardly going to admit it openly.) Advertising that we're actually doing this sort of thing to aid a war effort is crass stupidity since it legitimizes what should be criminal activities. Of course, of our cyber defenses are 100% bulletproof....

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