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Thomas Martin

It will be interesting to see what Oracle/Cerner does with the VA VistA EHR replacement

It has been in t news lately on several online blogs that Cerner has not done well with replacing the Veterans Administration VistA EHR. They appear to have missed deadlines and had many other problems, including their data systems going down on multiple occasions, creating an outage that affected many sites. But don't take my word, this news is available online. Now Oracle has inherited this debacle.

Meanwhile, VistA, which was voted best EHR in the USA, continues to be developed and continues to provide daily, dependable service to the Veterans. VistA had and is still estimated to have about a 99% uptime. VistA support personnel don't do dumb things like updating software with no contingency if it goes belly up.


You will not read such things about VistA.

Also seen online is that Oracle/Cerner quoted the US government between 10 BILLION and 16 BILLION dollars and ten years to do all necessary to convert the VA sites to their "off-the-shelf" product. That term means you take it, load it and go with it. They have a LONG WAY TO GO to provide the special things Veterans require. IMHO there is NO SYSTEM worth that much.

I managed and programmed VistA for 33 years and my vote will be for it, hands down, for the best EHR, ad infinitum. VistA will be running the VA health care for a long time to come and running circles around you-know-who.

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