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"And unlike Russia, China isn't going to tell their people there are Nazis in Taiwan and bomb their cities into rubble. They view Taiwan's populace as misguided brothers, not an enemy whose women and children deserve to be killed and piled up in mass graves."

This is unfortunately imho at best inaccurate. The Chinese soldiers will see the Taiwanese however the CCP wants them to see the Taiwanese. When it comes to an invasion that will not be favourable. They'll be the enemy, certainly not just "misguided brothers". History tells us the Chinese war culture is a very cruel one filled with plenty of horrors against their own. Current goings on give me little reason to trust that it has changed much if at all.

The thing in Ukraine and Russian tactics is also not really that they necessarily see the populace as deserving to be killed and piled up in mass graves, they simply don't care who they are. They get in the way, or are in the wrong place (for them) and die. Russia has fallen back to WW2 era soviet doctrine, pound everything to rubble with heavy artillery, move in troops to shoot whoever is still alive, claim victory by planting a flag on the highest pile of rubble.

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