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Yeh, Trump withheld anti-aircraft missiles, he was legally required to pass to Ukraine, unless Zelensky pretended to run a investigation into Hunter Biden.

You can bet that if Trump gets in, in 2024, he'll withhold a damn site more than anti-aircraft missile systems.

And again, (March 2022), Trump claimed that Hunter had received money from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow....he pushed it for months, Putin only had to arrest the Mayor and his wife, for "helping the Bidens", and Trump could push it as "Biden secretly in league with enemy Russia". A nice little two-step between Trump and Putin.

I doubt he dreamed up that strategy himself, the Russians will have. He blew it, when he said the quiet part out loud, "Putin should investigate", suddenly the headlines were about him asking for Putin's help again.

So if Trump gets in in 2024, I'm expecting substantial help to Russia. He'll end a lot of sanctions (like he did in 2016), he's already cancelled missile treaties, reopened their US spy base, cancelled prosecution of their bag men. Lots of two-steps coordinated with Putin.

Ukraine will be done, all the military leaders will be killed with the help of intel from team Trump. Republicans will offer "thoughts and prayers" for all the dead kids. Heck, if they don't care about American kids, do you think they care about Ukrainian kids? NRA will get more "Maria Butina" money to forward to Putin-loyal Republicans.

Do you also remember Trump and his "incredible offer"? Putin would let Mueller question the 12 indicted GRU military intelligence officers and Trump in return would give Putin's men access to US agencies, to investigate if Russia really had interfered in US elections?

I'm expecting similar cosy cooperations, giving all manner of access to Russians.

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