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After Avago Bought LSi

After Avago bought LSI, it was slice and dice the day after the deal closed; sold off the wireless business to Intel, sold off Egeno to NetApp, sold off the SSD division to Seagate, sold off the patent portfolio to an investment group, laid off the rest of us and kept only the SAS chip, switch and controller business in Colorado. Any idiot can layoff 100's of folks. Getting acquired by Broadcom is bad news big time! The Avago CEO, now the same guy running Broadcom explicitly laid out his plan to slice and dice LSI after the deal was closed in an all hands meeting with us. He stated his intent was to dominate the SAS chip market and raise the margins and eliminate other businesses with low margins. Mike O’Dell better get his cash out quickly as Broadcom will wreck VMware imho

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