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Sounds far too much like ....

One man’s highly sensitive atomic vaporised electric field detector is A.N.Other's NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Weapon and Global Operating Device for Live Operational Virtual Environments ..... to be significantly different in such as be Quantum Leaping Fields of Future Progressive Endeavour and Ardour.

And whenever too true to be conveniently secretly dismissed and denied, Per Ardua ad Mega Astra Meta Data would not be wholly inappropriate for such a Prized SkunkWorXSS Energy EMPowering Deep and Dark Mattered IT Research and AI Development for/from Adastral Park BT Labs in Martlesham ..... but you will have to ask BT about any of that being true and diligently researched and stealthily developed with input from them to output rather than they being just used as counterfeit cover for a wholly new reorganising operation/revolutionary extra territorial intervention.

And if that all sounds far too much like one’s TitanICQ Holywood Palace Barracks of a Base is another Colossus of a Bletchley Park Station Clone /Drone/Meme for Engagement and Deployment/Field ACTivation with Programmed Mentoring and Clear Transparent Intangible Monitoring, take the Win Win if you Dare Care Share rather than Suffer the Interminable and Indeterminate Hits of Constantly Increasing and Compounding Losses.

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