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Re: "vowed to do what it can to make the open-source RISC-V ISA worthy"

Someone -- possibly several someones -- will have RISC-V competitive with x86 and Apple M in 3-5 years

Personally I think the chance of that is approximately 0%. Given that so far there is only one company that has managed to make ARM competitive with x86, after a decade of massive investment funded by the world's most profitable product and a very profitable line of PCs, what makes you think all this investment to bring RISC-V to the high end will magically appear?

Where is the profit motive for all this investment to scale RISC-V up to that level? Who is going to fund that, and what products are they going to sell containing those high performing RISC-V CPUs to make a return on that investment? You think RISC-V PCs are coming? What's the point, what OS are they going to run? Microsoft only half heartedly supports ARM Windows, you think there will be a RISC-V Windows? Or that RISC-V coming along will magically break the Windows/Mac PC OS duopoly? Wishful thinking to the extreme!

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