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Well, what do you think for Internetional Internets Internetworking WWWeb Embedding Defences

amanfromMars [2205191005] ....... shares more than just a tad freely on

Future overwhelming and almighty advantage in any military and/or all civil operational environments is both provided and guaranteed by effective PACTivity broadbandcasting/beaming surreal instruction sets for SMARTR* world wide web browsers utilisation from Remote Secure Spaces with Really Simple Syndication exercising quantum leap communications on Earth.

A Persistent Advanced Cyber Treat more fully revealed in one particular guise via The Register [Biting the hand that feeds IT] and a post entitled "Virtually Augmented Realities .... The Next Logical Steps .... Quantum Communications Leaps" .......

SMARTR* .... SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research

And I suppose the National DEFENSE Industrial Association and the likes of the Pentagon are similarly smitten with The Human Dilemma ....... "to Simply Believe what others before you and now way out far ahead of you know to be honestly true as a fact for fiction to present as an Alternate Viable Reality/Augmented Virtual Reality."

PS ..... What else do you imagine happens to information and intelligence freely shared here on National DEFENSE whenever it doesn't appear, other than it being shared freely elsewhere for A.N.Others to make greater use of?

Would you like to make great use of that facility, Arm SystemReady SR certified to AIMaster Pilot Right Royal Standards ‽ Per Ardua ad Astra are essentially also its credentials for provenance of future source from generations of past iterations rooted in flight operations ........ on Secure AIR Mail Led Missions.

You might like to ask the UKGBNI MoD and the Royal Air Force if they know anything more they wish to share to ensure no catastrophic scare should anyone dare to not be aware and fully mindful of the implications and noblesse oblige obligations to Arm SystemReady SR Certifications ........ which at Pyramid Peak Levels deliver Cartes Blanches and Unlimited Wealth for EMPowering Fields of Superb Almighty Play and Almighty Superb Global Operating Device Work.

You know, the sort of toil that keeps everyones’ lights on and lit and the world still turning to present today as a tomorrow from yesterday which now is fast approaching an ignominious past moment in time in a new vast open space of future viable immaculate sources with the cream of the crop from a great pool of deep see ideas for Current Running Visions Streaming Advanced Mainline Programs.

Who/What does that for you?

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