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Duncan Macdonald

Final device price ?

For most electronic devices (phones, computers etc) the foundry chip cost is a small part of the total device price.

The cost for a 300mm wafer processed at 7nm is in the order of $10k. This price is divided by the number of working chips derived from the wafer.

As an example given the size of a Ryzen chiplet it should be possible to get over 600 working chiplets from a single wafer giving a foundry cost for the bare chiplet of around $17 - if this increases to $18 (and assuming a similar increase in cost for the I/O chip) then the manufacturing cost of a Ryzen CPU would increase by $2 which is a small part of the selling cost of the completed CPU.

Given the inflation in so many things is running at several percent, the increase from TSMC is not surprising - they have to pay for electricity and consumables many of which will have increased in price.

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