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According to legend, MIPS III was adapted by NEC to create the R4300i used in Nintendo 64 (while PlayStation used the R3000). Later on, Toshiba adapted MIPS IV to create the R5900 used by PlayStation 2. Sony and Microsoft went to PowerPC for PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360, then gave up all that nonsense and went with AMD x86-64 for PlayStation 4 / Xbox One (also PlayStation 5 / Xbox One X).

I guess the promise of RISC is faster, lower power calculations, as long as they are kept within their simpler instruction set. It made sense up until AMD adapted x86 rich instruction set to 64 bit, high clock rate, and low cost. I forget why they went to PowerPC for the PS3/X360 generation though. Apple had been using PowerPC for its OSX desktop computers up until G5 in 2006, then they, too, went to x86-64 (intel).

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