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Nebulous Market Objectives

It is not really clear which markets they want to address. Auto/Aerospace/Rail is very much different from computing or networking. The bread-and-butter control unit has integrated SRAM in the range of a few Mbytes; while computing uses thousands of times more external DRAM. Control units need very specialized A/D, D/A, pwm, watchdog, crypto peripery. Must all be on a single chip or it will be too big and too expensive.

Then you need support from Lauterbach (debugger) and Vector Informatik (AUTOSAR operating system) to be viable in automotive.

I suspect STM, NXP, Infineon, TI, Japan are so much entrenched in control units that MIPS does not stand a chance as a newcomer.

Computing and automotive are very much different, even though they sometimes use the same CPU cores (ARM and PowerPC, VAX come to mind).

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