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no growth in flash (for WD anyway)?

Article states WD bought Sandisk 6 years ago for $19 billion and then states the flash business now is believed to be worth $17-20 billion(assuming that is what "enterprise value" means?). Article says the transaction was transformative but the investor action seems to want to just cancel it and get their money back (in a sense assuming they get ~$19 billion if it's sold off?).

I don't have an opinion if it is a good idea or a bad idea either way(don't care), though I believe I specifically recall Chris Mellor here on El reg saying something along the lines of Seagate being doomed because they didn't do something similar as WD(and I think he said so many times), now here we are years later and there's a possibility that WD undoes all that.

Just seems like an interesting situation. What's most surprising to me I guess is the valuation of the WD Flash unit apparently having gone nowhere in 6 years(despite the massive increase in flash usage during that time). Maybe WD paid a super huge premium at the time I don't know.

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