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UK competition watchdog probes school software contract revisions

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It certainly is a big job moving MIS systems. The lock in doesn't really come from the ballache of switching, rather ESS gave their customers 6 months to move or pay a higher support/maintenance fee and get locked in for 3 years... I guess they knew that their main competitors (Bromcom/Arbor) have a 12 month backlog of Schools waiting for implementation date, due to the mass of Schools who want to move off sims asap.

From a social POV... Bastards! These are Schools who have no money, trying to educate our children, and ESS does this. Almost as bad as the Tory government stripping Schools of funding

From a evil business POV... May be a good strategy if the CMA doesn't haul them over the coals, they invest enough cash to out develop Bromcom/Arbor in 2 years time, and do a great job on the charm offensive to repair their reputation.... Lets see how that one goes :-d

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