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UK competition watchdog probes school software contract revisions

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Sims competitors Bromcom iSams and Arbour are gaining huge market share chunks currently from all the schools that jumped shit at this contract change and before. They are all modern cloud based systems with excellent development

Capita (and now ESS) on the other hand outsourced their development to india and ended up in a terrible mess because of it with a legacy product filled with techincal debt. Nobody knows how to fix it and starting again is the only real option. Sadly ESS have decided to "build on top" of Sims like an upside down pyramid of code. Never a good idea but they still don't seem to have anyone. Their new cloud product appears to be a remote desktop server connection over HTML. Just pointless...

Sims has no real cloud product at all and the companies behind it have failed to invest in Sims for years, just milking the monopoly they had. It's essentially their kodak moment and the private equity firm who bought it will pay the price for poor due dilligence.

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