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Oracle to release on-prem software usage tools to prep cloud switch


Yeah, no kidding. That was the first thing to pop in my mind as I read that article. But I've experienced it myself. Managers become so enamored with a vendor that they refuse to look at alternatives. Then they retire and the new person is appalled at how much the company is paying, finds a new vendor/product, and hundreds of thousands of dollars or more are saved annually.

At one company that used AT&T forever, the telecom manager finally retired and the new person, who had experience from other companies because they had not been there for decades, was totally shocked. They started auditing the AT&T invoices and finally convinced AT&T to send in their own person to audit their own invoices. (AT&T refused to believe her audit.) There was a quarter of a million dollars in overcharges found by the AT&T person. Per year.

It's kind of like home and auto insurance companies. Once you finally get upset at the price increases and begin looking at alternatives, you discover you've been way over-paying for less coverage.

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