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Zero covid made sense for them when they formed the policy, since the original variant was not nearly so transmissible. Even with Alpha and Delta it worked for them. But Omicron, and its BA.2 variant are like you say so transmissible that it is no longer feasible.

The problem is party leaders are so worried about "loss of face" that they are doubling down on the policy instead of backtracking and simply saying that "because circumstances have changed, we no longer believe it is possible to attain zero covid" and basing how "locked down" a city is on how full its hospitals are.

I wonder how much covid is spreading inside those big apartment buildings they show on TV with the fences around them? Even if people stayed inside their individual apartments, they don't all have their own separate ventilation system, so I wouldn't be surprised if it spreads among people who haven't had any direct contact. Even if not, unless they board up everyone's apartment door so they can't visit neighbors it is still going to spread through any apartment building faster than they can test and quarantine its residents.

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