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US DOJ probes Google's $5.4b Mandiant acquisition

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What Governments are NOT telling you is ....

....... such mergers and acquisitions can almost immediately deliver superior systems programmers and live real time driver applications which all too easily render government manipulation of resulting media hosted information and news and false trails and tall tales as uncompetitive and too obviously misleading and perversely self-serving and inequitable ...... and that equates to their loss of command and control to the private and pirate tech sector which they would be well advised to engage with generously and not antagonise with vain wanton negative activity in attempts to be key leading players rather than accepting their new more comfortable future role as, if not primary, then certain value adding premium camp follower/wannabe groupie leader.

I suppose their current present states and levels of intelligence will dictate which destinations and paths they choose to follow with others ideally following their lead with acceptance of their directions/future sets of instructions.

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