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Fake it until you make it: Can synthetic data help train your AI model?

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I know its not what the article is about

But they don't like "Fake it until you make it" since Elizabeth Holmes & Theranos. Especially when you can potentially kill people of give them the wrong medical information because of it.

Still, they never learn, and silicon valley still continues to allow this and invest in bollocks.

As we've seen with some AI in the labs. Just because it works how it was expected in the lab doesn't mean it will behave the same when live. Such as the maze hunters trained on. I'm no expert, I'm going off the Robert Miles videos. But the object where picking up keys and using them to open chests is good. But when put the AI out into the wild the AI ended up just picking up keys only cause there were now more keys than chests, the AI behaviour had changed from when in the test lab. It decided it liked keys more and chests were OK but it loved keys. It could see its own key inventory with one chest left but got stuck trying to pick up the keys in its own inventory.

Robert explains it better than I ever could.

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