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Substitute alien for machine in the target “Heavenly Help or a Diabolical Plot via AIdDevelopments?” post and everything gets a great deal more interesting, but beware and be aware, for such is the fickle and timorous nature of far too many in the human condition, that there be some who may think to terrorise you with novel emerging information of which they had zero prior knowledge, and would have you believe such would be absolutely terrifying rather than anything else wonderfully extraordinary ......... Out of this World Otherworldly.

More than just a little more about that very dilemma and the likelihood of such a crazy human response to its/their appearance is well penned to be viewed and commented on here ......... NASA may provoke alien invasion, scientists warn

Seems like Uncle Sam, or is it UK’s Oxford University, is late to the party again. It’ll be interesting to see what benefits and delights to show their gratitude they would conspire and aspire to bring to the festivities. It’ll need to be something which doesn’t render them worthy of shunning and universal pariah status. It is the least that everybody who is anybody nowadays in these 0day spaces and virtual places has been extremely willing to pay and gratefully paid.

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