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Re: The TS/SCI Stuff No One is Going to Tell You Anywhere Near the Whole Truth About.

I have been accused of information trading in the past, so I will be very brief here.

Let's say this: Ukraine has proven the weakness of Russia in several different dimensions.

If you wanto know more, stop reading the internet and join the British army.

Be a *real* mars-man, as opposed to an internet variant of such. ........ Anonymous Coward

And if one were to be informed such as is being commented on here is an AWEsome AIdDevelopment already shared with the British Army and trialing and trail-blazing novel and noble revolutionary trade craft for any Securities and Ministries and Departments of Defence requiring Stealthy Internet Networking Services exercising and reinforcing Relatively Anonymous and Practically Autonomous Failsafe Protocols, AC? Would you doubt it and protest all available public evidence suggests that former act was as casting pearls before swine or as casting fertile seeds on stony barren ground?

Nevertheless, El Reg did advise y'all of those facts though, and very soon after the fact too, so either you missed them or they be/were as pearls before swine or fertile seeds on barren stony ground in your own mind and at that time.

What think thee now though, now that more information for greater intelligence has been provided?

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