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Not the first time, won't be the last time.

I worked for a large (the largest) multinational oil company back in the 1990's and held a technical position that gave me privileged access to all of their "trade secret" formulation data as well as sales and financial data. Privileges has been accrued over a number of years, and each times I changed roles they'd just add new privileges - so the data I could access just kept expanding.

I had a local account, as well as international accounts, into remote servers with remote (dial-in) access (which was rare for the company at the time).

I left amicably, a job change for family reasons, and was asked by my local manager "You haven't taken any information with you, have you?" - my reply was that "No, but if I'd wanted to take information, I'd have done it years ago and you'd never know - security is shit on these servers. BTW, make certain that, when I leave, ALL of my accounts/privileges are cancelled - I don't want to get a call from Corporate in 12 months!".

Three months after I left, I called up the local office and asked to speak to IT - and informed them that I still had remote access privileges on 3 of their servers - the local one and two international ones. Nobody had bothered to remove access or remove any of the privileges. I called my ex-manager and roasted him. I then called Corporate and advised them.

Their Corporate process was well documented - but never acted upon. The local and international IT groups rarely dealt with each other except for major hardware/software CAPEX or significant problems. And managers had a habit of passing everything to HR when an employee left - and HR had a "disconnect: with IT.

I hate to think how many other accounts remained active.

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