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Just a bit of history

What happened: Epic submitted an application for review to Apple; Apple accepted it and put it on the App Store. Epic then changed the behaviour of programs that users had already downloaded; the change had not been seen by Apple to the review, and Apple would have 99% refused to accept it. If Apple had just refused to accept it, that would then by some normal conflict between the companies.

However, submitting an app that behaves differently during review than the same app installed on a user's device is absolutely against Apple's guidelines and for very good reason, because it makes a farce out of every review. So the app was blocked, Epic was told, and Epic filed a court case against Apple hours later. So clearly this had been planned that way by Epic all along.

Now I think it is quite normal that Apple doesn't want to do any business whatsoever with a company behaving like that, and they will never put any apps by Epic on their store. I think it will be very hard to argue against this, because it has nothing to do with competition, but with what is and what is not acceptable behaviour when you do business, and whether Apple can be forced to do business with a company like that.

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