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China finished 2021 with 4% global semiconductor market share



While Beijing has invested billions of dollars into processor development and manufacturing infrastructure, the investment is yet to pay off, and results so far suggest the country is spinning its gears.

We all know that new processors from scratch cost loads of dosh but a lot of that is proving an instruction set will be useful in the real world. Do we really need yet another new processor family?

I know I will be shot down in flames here but, it seems to me, that RISC-V and Arm are the way to go so why do they need another. If they don't want to pay for Arm licenses there is nothing to stop them from producing their own hardware to run the same instruction set (which is well tried and tested and has a lot of software already running.) This would be a much cheaper way to go.

The real question is, "Is all this money actually going to designers and manufacturers?" or is loads of it being syphoned off by various members of the Party.

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