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Yeah, that's not really the play. Intel is more concerned with creaming profit off the top of speculators labor and edging in on on the monopoly of the existing ASIC players. Plenty of money in a duopoly, and they have plenty of manufacturing capacity, unlike the poor fabless incumbents.

Like the other guy said, they plan to make and sell a lot of shovels. Yes this will drive up the difficulty, at which point earlier mining hardware becomes less profitable and incentives miners to either tap out or also buy into the new ASICs.

Nothing about this is in anyway a "green" initiative. Expensive energy isn't a solution to this problem either, as it impacts everything that ISN"T crypto worse than crypto. If you are not willing to wait for it tank on it's own, set a targeted tax on every transaction with a watts/block over your threshold of offense.

The whole things public, so you could literally calculate a carbon and energy bill for every wallet ever and send it to them. But really you just have to lean on the exchanges, without them Bitcoin at least would crash on it's own. Let the "store of value" crowd eat the risk they have been ignoring since the beginning.

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