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Yes, because all other Intel silicon isnt being used to just write up dubious business plans, watch cat videos, cat pron videos, listen to podcasts in which the cat-owning status of the contributers is somehow considered to be of interest to the listener for some reason, complain about cats on Twitter, play video games (thankfully most of which don't feature cats) or otherwise benefit human kind.

Don't blame Acme Shovels for a gold rush.

(Maybe blame Heinlein for aspiring SciFi writers to think it's okay to include cats in their brief bio. Out of all the things they could have learnt from him, like writing a decent story for example, or having some spaceships, damn near every SciFi author today talks about their sodding felines instead.

Actually, don't blame Heinlein. A lot of that Q bollocks used his stuff to add texture to their tapestry of truthy nonsense. Heinlein did raise the question of "What is money"? with respect to different planets. Seafaring. Conrad. White City. The Company. Ridley Scott. Alien.

Okay, Ridley Scott can use a cat on set. And Terry Pratchett had cats, that's fine. But if you're not putting out their quality of work, I don't want to know. )

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