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Intel CEO made $178m in first 10 months, AMD CEO got a $2m pay rise


Let's get a GoFundMe ...

Whatever for?

No need for that.

The 45+ million (+/- 5M) American citizens without any access to basic welfare services and healthcare (not to mention the homeless millions) will be the ones who help these poor souls make ends meet:

Gelsinger later pointed to Wall Street's negative response as evidence that his company is worthy of receiving part of the $52 billion in US subsidies that await approval in Congress.

Any corporation that can pay these obscene amounts of money to their CEO's needs no subsidies.

None whatsoever.

Need money to build a new fab?

Instead of giving them more tax cuts and benefits, ask the bloody shareholders to put up some of their own moolah.

That is just what they are there for, not just for cashing in dividends.


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