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Instant NeRF turns 2D photos into 3D scenes in seconds

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The comparison gives dates for the applications. They all seem to be from the era when W7 was the Windows OS.

After several days of dead ends - the "123D Catch" seemed a likely one. However - the makers had stopped supporting it and had integrated its features into their latest W10-only application. Managed to find an old download on CN which appeared to install ok on W7. However it doesn't run - nothing happens. Possibly its first action would be to call home for its mandatory sign-up.

I installed "Blender" on Linux - but like some other candidates it needed the photo in SVG format. Two JPG-SVGconverters produced just black & white abstracts that looked nothing like the picture. A third was a little more recognisable in shades of brown - but far too blocky to be of any use.

Finally resorted to "PureRef" - which allows you to overlay your picture transparently on any 3D modelling window. So - using my old clay modelling skills with the picture as a rough template - then using my eye. Bought a Wacom tablet for hopefully finer movement control. I appear to have given away my previous ones. As it is a one-off project - then I might as well have used oven-baking clay and my collection of physical sculpture tools.

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