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The likes of BT & ARM should always have some domestic majority share interest to ensure they are not manoeuvred into doing things against the security interests of this nation. ...... tip pc

Such manoeuvres are easily copied and thwarted, for they invariably always follow the same ages old, tried and well tested and very simplest of methodologies, which has stashes of virtual cash being transferred to a receptive market vehicle whose sole job is to try and reflect an increased market value for a product because of the interest which may or may not be anywhere near as realistic as such markets need to invent greater currency churn and enliven a struggling to make obscene profit quarter.

Keep it simple, stupid. If Johnny Rotten Foreigner is offering an attractive gazillion pesos for something the home team have worthwhile having, simply have home team management gazump the foreign invader and offer a more attractive gazillion pesos prize.

IT isn't rocket science ..... Unicorn Creation for the Stabilisation of Ponzi Stocks and Derivative Share Markets, it is much more explosively volatile than that and thus something not to be trifled with and left with the unwary and ignorant tendering vacuous absent abilities and facilities for command and control.

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