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Nvidia reveals specs of latest GPU: The Hopper-based H100

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Yeah, both are relevant

I fell like the 100s are usually monsters, and increasingly targeted to rarefied air.

We will see if team red will try to out punch them in this generation, or stick to the broader part of the market where a 700w TDP with car jumper cables running to the PS isn't really going to be a thing. But rest assured, NVIDIA will be releasing other flavors of this, at lower power points, and _SLIGHTLY_ lower price points.

I am more interested to see the different tuning between the AMD/NVIDIA parts. Often there have been huge differences in the platforms, and for specific workloads one or the other punched way above or below their price class. Seems like NVIDIA has been prone to hobbling their midmarket cards in some areas to protect their top end accelerators, and on some workloads even a mid market AMD video card would run laps around one of NVIDIA's lower tier server accelerators at 4x the price.

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