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It's complicated, but it's really not unethical (at least in my view). It becomes sensible when the cost is predominantly in the development, not the manufacturing. Say there are two features A and B. There are X people who will pay x for both features, and an additional Y people who will pay y (y < x) for just feature A, but who won't pay x. It is quite often the case that Xx > (X+Y)y. If you _don't_ give the Y people feature B, but disable it somehow, you end up with just charging the higher price for the full featured option and the Y people get nothing.

Of course, it is _always_ the case the Xx + Yy >= (X+Y)y, (and equality only if X=0) so this is also a way for greedy manufacturers to extract every last penny - but people _do_ get the benefit of what they pay for.

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