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Therefore, HildyJ, whenever as everyone knows, nothing is ever as it seems and sounds like, it may very well not be a Russian run office with salaried employees who turn over especially valuable hits to the Russian intelligence agency while selling others to Russian malware gangs. It's a product of the Ukraine invasion, it's not just SOP for Russia.

It's therefore quite possibly one of those strange quantum communication/qubit things ...... where/when a this is a that and something else altogether quite different too and fully dependent upon your access viewpoint ..... and thus more than just likely disinformation or misinformation and propaganda akin to Big Brother Newspeak from/for A.N.Others*

* ..... Newspeak is a fictional language used in Nineteen Eighty-Four by Big Brother and the Party. It is an altered English with restricted vocabulary used as a tool to limit freedom and thought. Newspeak often contradicts itself, some words have two mutually contradicting meanings, so the meaning depends on context. .....

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