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Too complicated is not the whole problem

-> Part of the issue is that OpenStack is complicated

We looked at OpenStack a few years ago. Indeed it is complicated. I'm in favour of learning new technologies so that we don't become bored or stale. But OpenStack is just so complicated that we would need to hire at least three dedicated OpenStack people just to run it (to have 24 hour a day availability). You can't get away with one or two members of staff who are OpenStack trained - they will want a holiday from time to time. And good luck getting somebody who knows UNIX to start digging away at a problem with OpenStack if they haven't spent a lot of time already dealing with it. Your average UNIX guy is going to say 'what a great big steaming pile that is'. If we hired dedicated OpenStack people we would be afraid they would leave. And then we would be back to square one.

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