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"the tactics used by USA prosecutors/FBI/NSA are largely considered illegal"

Citation please ?

I know a few people who, brainwashed by the contant stream of police/FBI series pumped into their TVs on a weekly basis, actually believe that they cannot be arrested unless they have heard their rights read to them.

Precision : I live in France. I'm not aware that the French police have that requirement.

Another point : the number of people who I have discussions with who genuinely believe that they have the right to one phone call during the interrogation process.

What I mean to say is that the entire world (well, in places where people have the luxury of television and the time to watch it) are likely quite attuned to the US criminal process. Of course, the people I talk to are generally not people who have been arrested, so the sample size is not entirely representative of the global population.

Finally, this guy was extradited to the US. I do believe that the tactics used will be perfectly fine in a US court.

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