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"...I decided to pick up certifications with Azure and AWS"

What does that entail, how to log in?

I've used both and both allow less customization than any given NAS interface. There was a lot of disable/enable options, but the menus reminded me of something you'd see with a paid DNS provider like Cloudflare or a web host like GoDaddy. I guess I was expecting something similar to what I'm used to with a VPS ie. control panel, installing OS, setting OS up with whatever software, CRON'ing post scripts, etc. However, it was most certainly not that, and most certainly not an advanced learning experience, I wouldn't even argue that it was an intermediate experience, more like a novice approach to a beginner's experience. You clearly don't have to know jack all about systems (I guess that's the point... when things are going smooth).

It seems smug, but a "certification" in either seems more like a piece of paper stating you can read English or whatever language. I didn't like it at all, I had zero control. Hopefully the certifications were free.

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