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Here's why prolonged Russia-Ukraine war would be really bad for us, say chip designers

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

"Stop the war!" (Um, which one of them?)

I haven't heard the stumpy gray-coloured quadruped in the immediate vicinity mentioned directly yet.

Russia invades neighbouring country because there are Russians there and paternalism and that country was always part of Russia anyway. Hello, China - Taiwan - why heck they even speak the same language also!

You're worried for TSMC? 'Worried'?!? You're not using the right words.

Do you think Xi (who has no term limits) just might _not_ be inspired by Putin (who has no term limits)? Hmm, rather, that Putin lost the "who goes first" rock-paper-scissors.

Germany only now figured out that nothing but the word 'No' will work. Heck, the Swedes, Swiss, Finns are revising their vocabulary!

If you are only thinking about how to get the Russians to back down, you are not thinking ambitiously enough. It's not just "stop the war", but how to preempt the other war.

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