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I do not see how you got "getting at China" out of what he said.

Besides, we do not want our children's online profiles [via various tracking methods] stored in a database in China anyway.

And if they're targeting videos (instead of ads), there MUST be a database SOMEWHERE to use for their targeting algorithm.

(And if it's in China, a "social credit score" to go along with it)

Agreed on FaeceBan, Tw[a,i]tter, InstaCram, CrapChat, and all the rest of 'em. We can just START with TikTok. [anti-]Social Media needs to be liable for lawsuits over a great many things, instead of BEING PROTECTED FROM THEM. (maybe THOSE laws should be CHANGED)

[I am at a loss for a proper 'hacker name' for TikTok. Maybe TskTsk but that sounds kinda lame in my headl]

Also, worthy of note: Parents need to keep their kids off of anti-social media as a condition of getting their nice cell phones; If they cannot do it, let them have dumb phones instead with prepaid minutes for emergency use only [like what I do for myself, heh]. And similar for their computers. And so on.

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