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Good: People can spot a deepfake video. Bad: They're not so hot with text

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People are less likely to be tricked into believing falsehoods if they have more information available to them...

Unfortunately, modern technology serves the reverse rather better. People "follow" those they agree with and ignore everything else (except to slag them off). Algorithms "learn" what you like and tailor your news feed.

TiVo ensured that you only saw what you wanted to watch and everyone else followed suit. This has pretty much killed off running across something mind-broadening while channel flicking. FFS we even have TV news which is either deliberately partial or so achingly focussed on being inoffensive to everyone that it isn't even news any more, just repackaged baby food.

Presto, a world full of bigoted, ignorant fucktards with blinkers on, whose sole contribution to debate is to scream about how A N Other group is more bigoted and fucktardy than they are. This while scouring Tw@ter for anything they disagree with so they can accuse the writer of being a fascist/commie/woketard/arsehole etc.

Solution? Turn off the internet...(!)

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